Papa Solis Sauces produces the most unique hot salsa available.

Welcome to Papa Solis Sauces !

Our “Do the Dance” Hot Salsa offers  the most unique and delicious hot salsa sauce available on the market!

What sets our Salsa apart from others is our unique recipe combining the right amount of heat with a great flavor that lingers on the palate begging for more!  We also make our salsa in small batches ensuring a quality product.

Whether you are looking to make a simple dip for chips like our Cheesy Basil Dip or you are planning to create more elaborate meals like Pork Carnitas ,we know our Salsa  will make your meals  “muy bueno”!  From our family to yours, we offer “Do the Dance” Hot Salsa!  Enjoy the dance!

We are fully stocked with Salsa again.  Yea!!!!

Thank you for being patient with us and feel free to shop today!


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We Thank you in advance for your patience in our transition period and your support!!!